Higora Magazine


Higora is a magazine of place.

We are looking for short fiction, poetry, nature and travel writing and translations, all with a strong connection to a place.

We want to explore and celebrate the areas where we live, or the areas we visit which make an impression upon us. Where we live, work or walk all has a strong effect on our characters and lives; we are made of what we eat.

This is a magazine for everyone, and we will print for everyone. Send us pieces that will change our minds, that will enlighten us. Send us something original, or a different re-telling of a story we know by heart. If you have been somewhere where a thousand other people have been, what have you seen that is different?

We will be limited for space, so do not submit pieces that are much more than 3,000 words.

Please send your full contact details with your submission.    

If you are an illustrator or an artist and you would like to design the cover of the magazine then please send us an image. We will be printing in black and white, so please bear this in mind when you submit your work.

At the moment we are unable to pay contributors. You will retain all the rights to your work, we just want the opportunity to share your pieces with others.

If you are interested in helping with the magazine, or advertising in it, please get in touch.

Please send submissions and enquiries to higora.magazine@gmail.com